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Will quantum computers make software testing effective ?!

有效的软件测试 Effective software testing


@@@ 测试用例执行完的结果, 能体现出软件产品质量的真实现况。

The testing of truly effective software refers to:

@@@ The test case results can reflect the actual situation of software product quality.


  软件永远都不可能是没有 Bugs 的;因为, 我们永远也写不出没有 Bugs 的测试用例?

At present, we confirm one thing:

  The software can never be bug-free; because we can never write test cases without bugs?

测试用例的 Bugs, 指的又是什么呢?

What are the bugs for test cases?

测试用例的 Bugs 指的是:

@@@ 测试用例执行完的结果并 “不是” 软件产品质量的真实的现况!!!

The bugs for test cases refer to:

@@@ Test case execution results are “not the actual status of software product quality!!!

测试用例充其量只是按照人类事先所编排好的脚本、数据;局限在人类对产品质量的极有限的认知下;以 “瞎子摸象” 的方式找出软件的 Bugs。

At best, test cases based on scripts and data that humans have programmed in advance; are limited to the minimal human perception of product quality and the software bugs found in a “blind elephant” way.

量子计算机 & 有效的软件测试 Quantum computers & Effective software testing


Let’s try to use a little imagination to stride into the next twenty years and see if we can find a solution?

@@@ 量子计算机的量子纠缠会是个解决方案吗?会让软件的测试真正的有效吗 ?!

@@@ Will the quantum entanglement of “quantum computers” be a solution? Can make the testing of the software genuinely effective?!

当我们将测试用例所执行的结果,都当成是个 “状态”,然后,将这个 “状态” 当成是我们所设计出的量子计算机的 “Oracle” 的输入;量子计算机能否经由 “自然演进”,告诉我们软件产品质量的真实现况?!

When we treat the results of the test case as a “state,” and then think of this “state” as input to the “Oracle” of the quantum computer we designed; can the quantum computer tell us the actual realization of the quality of the software product through “natural evolution”?!


Ask the physicist, and the answer should be yes; quantum computers will eventually tell us the actual reality of the quality of software products.

然而,我并不是这么的乐观的 ?!

However, I am not so optimistic?!

因为,量子计算机的演算法靠的是 “概率”;也就是说,量子计算机的算法还是要回到一个最根本、最难解的问题上:“数据”?!

Because the algorithm of quantum computers relies on “probability,” the quantum computer algorithm still has to return to the most fundamental and challenging problem: “data”?!

我们不要忘了一个关于数学上的 Common Sense:

Let’s not forget a mathematical Common Sense:

微分方程、概率、统计,都能带领着我们去翱翔、理解这个世界的 “全貌”,但, 前提是,我们要有足够好、足够多的 “数据”。

Differential equations, probabilities, and statistics can all lead us to soar and understand the “whole picture” of the world, but only if we have enough good and enough “data.”

@@@ 我们能有足够多且足够好的 “数据”,能让量子计算机的 “Oracle” 充分的发挥 “自然演进” 的超级算力吗 ?!

@@@ Can we have enough and good enough “data” to make the “Oracle” of the quantum computer fully exert the supercomputing power of “natural evolution”?!

@@@ 没有油的蓝宝坚尼,也就是只能待在原地, 哪都去不了, 不是吗?

@@@ Lamborghini without oil, that is, can only stay where it is, and can’t go anywhere, can’t it?

@@@ 没有足够多、足够好的数据的量子计算机;能真正发挥超级算力的 Use Cases 又会有多少呢?!

@@@ Quantum computers that don’t have good enough data; how many Use Cases can play superpower?!

结论 Conclusion

我想,我们应该要全方位,360度的了解 “量子计算机”;而不是只是很天真无邪的认为只要量子计算机能达到了多少个的 Qubits, 就代表着量子计算机能解决所有的问题?!

We should have a comprehensive, 360-degree understanding of “quantum computers”; instead of just being naïve and thinking that as long as quantum computers can reach how many Qubits, it means that quantum computers can solve all problems?!

我们全方位, 360度的了解 “量子计算机”,我们才能在 “量子计算机” 的时代下,找到自己的定位,找到能再为人类作出贡献的地方。

We have a comprehensive, 360-degree understanding of “quantum computer” so that we can find our positioning in the era of “quantum computer” and find a place that can contribute to humanity again.

@@@ 我们应该是要很务实、很客观的看待 “量子计算机” 的到来;而不是不切实际的无畏的吹捧或是意识型态上无知的抗拒;大家同意吗 ?!

@@@ We should look at the arrival of the “quantum computer” very pragmatically and objectively, not unrealistic and fearless praise or ideological ignorance; do you agree?!

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